Recent Projects

Here are a some of the latest projects the Pixelle team have been working on.

Love My Car

A retail sales site for Smits Group Car Enthusiast

Using: C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery.Windcave Payments


A MVC update for the site we build back in 2010, including a new Operator system to allow property and activity owners to edit their own content (with a nice little version control/approval system included) and new data feeds for the new official Samoa.Travel App. Designs provided by ElectricArt

Using: C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery, Angular

Samoa Specialists

This site provides training and resources for Travel Agents wanting to promote Samoa. Designs provided by ElectricArt

Using: C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery, TypeForm

AdTrek Media Site

Updated the marketing site for the AdTrek advert platform and allowed them to upload their own dynamic banners into the site. Designs provided by ElectricArt

Using: C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery, AdTrek

Prescotts Garages

Modifications to the prescotts site to display special pricing for products. Designs provided by ElectricArt

Using: C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery

Safe Swim - Alexa Skill

An Alexa skill for your echo devices to check the website for the water quality at Auckland beaches, was just a fun project to get a feel for the Alexa development process.

NZME Subscriber Site

A major update to the NZME subscriber system to allow users to create a profile to manage their subscription across all the NZME publications. Includes secured user accounts and interfaces with webservices to provide current subscription data.

Using: ColdFusion, CSS, 3rd Party Webservices, MySQL, JQuery, cfajax, bootstrap

My Grandfathers War

This is a photography restoration/archive project for my family, taking my Grandfathers World War II photos and creating digital copies and a book for each member of my extended family.

NZME Subscriber Promotions

An updated version of the subscriber promotion system with responsive pages and a more integrated address/previous account lookup system using a series of web services.

Using: Coldfusion, Bootstrap, JQuery, CSS, 3rd Party Webservices, MySQL

Pixelle Foundation Export

Foundation export is an application I have been working on over the past 10 or so years to make uploading updated development files easiers, it has become an important part of my daily workflow.
It has recently been updated to handle more complex project types and more file types. It has also had some pretty major UI improvements.

Using: C#, Windows UI

Photography: McLaren 650s Le Mans

I was asked by a family member to photograph the New Zealand launch event for the McLaren 650 Le Mans Edition (which they just happened to have purchased the only one in the country), one of the images was used to create a backsplash for their kitchen in the apartment where the car lives.
More images can be seen at the link below on my Behance Project page.

Hoyts Bollywood Competition

Win some tickets to some Bollywood feature films, this simple competition site allows for quick entry and a mobile friendly layout.

Using: C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery

Win With the New Zealand Herald

The win with the herald series of sites are a series of sites built for the New Zealand Herald monthly competitions, they include user address lookup and customer entered keywords

Using: ColdFusion, CSS, 3rd Party Webservices, MySQL, JQuery, cfajax

NZME Regional Publications Promotion

A promotional site based on the NZHerald subscriber site to provide a free 5 week subscription to any of their regional publications.

Using: ColdFusion, CSS, 3rd Party Webservices, MySQL, JQuery, cfajax


Trade saver is a dynamic trade based product purchase website which uses 3rd party webservices to provide real-time pricing and stock inventory levels as well as customer accounts and payments.

Using: C#, MVC, CSS, SQL, Web Services, JQuery, DPS

Dusty Butt 1000km Adventure Ride - Tee Shirt

I was asked by the organisers to create a tee shirt for the 2013 Dusty Butt motorcycle rally. The photo was taken during 2012 but highly modified and coverted to individual colour layers so it could be screen-printed on a black tee shirt and only use white and grey print colours.

Argosy Leasing

A dynamic system to allow Argosy to easily update and manage their current lease properties.

Using: C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery

Smits Group Retail

Backed into their in-house databases this system provides real-time pricing to the public sales website. This site also provided content and imagery to their trade based sites.
The site has been updated to use a new content management system and a new framework with mobile friendly layouts.

Using: C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery, DPS

Website/Logo Design: Mackenzie Country Motors

The family business decided they wanted to do some advertising and their clip-art logo was not quite up to standard so I created this new logo and branding for them including buisness cards and templates for their advertising. We also built a simple content managed website for them to use.

Using: Adobe Photoshop, C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery

Samoa Tourism Authority

The Samoa Tourism site which was created back in 2013 was recently ugpraded to use the DOKU payment gateway service for payments and it was also upgraded to being a responsive site using bootstrap while maintaining the original design.

Using: C#, MVC, CSS, SQL, JQuery, DOKU Payment

Garador Competition

A quick entry competition for Garador Garage Doors. Win some great outdoor gear for around the house.

New Zealand Herald - AA Promotion

A free trial subscription site for the NZHerald to allow AA members based off the current NZHerald Subscriber site.

Using: ColdFusion, CSS, 3rd Party Webservices, MySQL, JQuery, cfajax

Air New Zeland - Gas Turbines

Recently we updated the design and logo's for the Airnzgt site (that we built back in 2008).

Using: c#, .net webforms, CSS

Avis & Budget - Email Campaigns

Having the designs provided by Electric Art we were engaged to create email client friendly email templates for Avis and Budget.

Using: html, css